Turkish Sulphur Dyes Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish sulphur dyes, Turkey sulphur dyes manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality sulphur dyes from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

SETAS KIMYA SAN. A.S.        Türkiye     Talip HANOĞLU    
s textile dyes, pre-treatment auxiliaries, fixing and finishing auxiliaries, degreasing agents, stabilising agents, sequestering in deminerilisation, buffering agents, antifoam agents, deaerators, reduction inhibitor, milling agents, oligomer removers, anti-bacterial agents, emulsifier, chemicals for textile industry, dyes cellulose, dyes cellulose setazol, dyes cellulose reaktoset p, dyes acrylic setacryl, dyes poliamed nyloset, polyester, dyes polyester setapers special, dyes textile, enzymes, acrylic, textile auxiliaries, fixing agents, washing agents, textile chemicals, construction chemicals, powder coatings, dyeing auxiliaries, denim dyes and auxiliaries, paper dyes and auxiliaries, fiber lubricants, compound peroxide bleaching, levelling and dispersing agents, softening agents, anti-static agents, water-repelling agents, antifoaming agents, sulphur dyes, masterbatches, setacryl printing dyes, dyes acrilic setacryl liquid dyes, masterbach, lubricants, retarder, dye solvents, textile auxiliares chemicals, cellulose, thickeners, dye stuffs, wetting and scouring agents, optical whitening agents, machine cleaning agents
BAJAJ DYECHEM        Türkiye         
s sulphur dyes, dyes, chemical
HEBEI JIYOU IMPORT        Türkiye         
s dye, dyes, black dye, black dyes, sulphur dye, sulphur dyes, sulphur black dyes, sulphur black dye
TIANJIN SHENYUAN CHEMICAL CO. LTD.        Türkiye         
s dyes, direct dyes, sulphur dyes, liquid dyes, chemicals
HEBEI JIYOU IMPORT AND EXPORT        Türkiye         
s textile dyes, black dyes, sulphur dyes, chemical dyes, sulphur black, textile chemicals
SIRMA KIMYA LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s textile chemicals, washing soap, oil remover, anti-fracture, foam cutter, ph buffer, liquid alkali, optical whitener, macro silicone, avivaj oil, waterproofing apressure, sulfur paint, acid, basic colors, vat paint, regular paint, direct paint, reactive paint, sulfur, pigment, acid and basic dyes, beam bender, breakage preventer, disperse dyes, dyes, direct dyes, spot dyes, sulphur dyes, textile chemical, vat dyes, acid and basic dyes
ABS Laboratories        Türkiye         
s liquid sulphur dyes, sulphur dyes, direct dyes, reactive dyes